1. Using Google Image Search to Find Desktop Backgrounds

    I don't remember where I first saw this, but you can use the "imagesize" parameter in Google Image Search to find pictures that fit your desktop perfectly. In my case I have two size-by-side 19" monitors (not widescreen). Therefore my total screen space is 2560 x 1024. A Google image …

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  2. Determining Uptime for Windows

    After my computer restarted overnight I became curious as to what time it restarted (I had something running overnight and was upset that it didn't finish. A quick Google search revealed that there are several ways to reveal this information:

    Uptime.exe Utility

    Microsoft provides a small utility that determines …

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  3. TOP (Linux Program) CPU States

    The Unix/Linux program "top" is used to determine various information about processes your computer is executing. It is comparable to the "ps" command, but I prefer using top. It a good equivalent of the Task Manager on Windows, but much more powerful and customizable, if you're comfortable with the …

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