1. Firefox Updating Fix

    This is a problem I used to have with Firefox updates failing when I was running as a Limited User in Windows XP.

    Here are the steps to fix the problem:

    1. Close all running instances of Firefox.
    2. Open an Administrator command prompt by right-clicking on a Command Prompt icon, choose …
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  2. Adding a User to Sudoers in Fedora 11

    The following shows how to add a user to the "sudoers" file in Fedora 11 (and likely other versions of Fedora), allowing normal users to execute elevated commands with sudo ... instead of needing to switch to root (su -).

    [greg@fedora ~]$ su -
    [root@fedora ~]# chmod +w /etc/sudoers
    [root@fedora ~]# echo …
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  3. Using Google Image Search to Find Desktop Backgrounds

    I don't remember where I first saw this, but you can use the "imagesize" parameter in Google Image Search to find pictures that fit your desktop perfectly. In my case I have two size-by-side 19" monitors (not widescreen). Therefore my total screen space is 2560 x 1024. A Google image …

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  4. Determining Uptime for Windows

    After my computer restarted overnight I became curious as to what time it restarted (I had something running overnight and was upset that it didn't finish. A quick Google search revealed that there are several ways to reveal this information:

    Uptime.exe Utility

    Microsoft provides a small utility that determines …

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  5. TOP (Linux Program) CPU States

    The Unix/Linux program "top" is used to determine various information about processes your computer is executing. It is comparable to the "ps" command, but I prefer using top. It a good equivalent of the Task Manager on Windows, but much more powerful and customizable, if you're comfortable with the …

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