Homebrew `depends_on` errors

Published: Sat 26 June 2021
Updated: Sat 26 June 2021
By Greg Back

In macos.

If you're trying to install (or more likely uninstall) an old Homebrew Cask, you might get an error like:

Error: Cask 'spectacle' definition is invalid: invalid 'depends_on macos' value: unknown or unsupported macOS version: :lion

To fix this, you can run the following command to "fix" the manifests of all currently-installed Casks:

/usr/bin/find "$(brew --prefix)/Caskroom/"*'/.metadata' -type f -name '*.rb' -print0 | /usr/bin/xargs -0 /usr/bin/perl -i -pe 's/depends_on macos: \[.*?\]//gsm;s/depends_on macos: .*//g'

Source: Homebrew/homebrew-cask#58046